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Re: Loincloth Sources

I never bought any of my loincloth as such. As I prefer the breechcloth type, all I need is are long rectangular pieces of cloth. I have cotton and linen cloths of dark colours (black, green, blue, brown). Maybe I should try the cotton-lycra mix Aaron has mentioned. These I wear with a broad leather belt, which I find quite comfortable.
My subligaculum (roman “gladiator” loinloth) I wrote about in this forum required a bit of sewing. This I don't wear that often, but the breechcloths had many outings this summer …

Re: Loincloth Sources

Eh, I make my own. Six are leather, two are fur, two are in nice trade cloth for wearing with my First Nations regalia, and there's another six in plain flannel.

On warm days around home, I'm often in a plain red flannel loincloth and, if my hair isn't braided, a matching headband.

Re: Loincloth Sources

This has come up when we've chatted elsewhere, and I can always send you some of the stuff that way. Stuff which originally got me wanting to write about the Middle Stone Age, including some loincloths.