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Re: The Wolf Boy Ken (1963-65) tv show’s mischief

Slapstick Genius
Wolf Boy Ken (狼少年ケン) is one of the first anime shows in Japanese television history. It stars a loincloth wearing boy (raised by wolves like Mowgli) who happens to be an expy of Fiction House’s Wambi the Jungle Boy. Its iconic theme song is by composer Asei Kobayashi: https://youtu.be/OE8MhOLABkQ?si=vSxgSx70GdPuMSPG

Ken, as the boy is called, has a lot of fun rivals and friends. One of the rivals is a boy raised by serow (which are antelopes related distantly to goats), while one of his friends is a princess from a fictitious South Asian island nation.

The show has a very pricey dvd release which is available secondhand on both Yahoo Auctions Japan and Amazon Japan.
Wolf Boy Ken ran from the 25th of November 1963 to the 16th of August 1965.

Re: Wolf Boy Ken’s mischief

The DVDs on ebay are over $100 so hopefully a re-release happens ... thanks for the information on the series and thank you also for taking the time and interest to post on the forum.