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Re: Jungle Love (1990): a Bollywood remake of Burūba (1955)

Slapstick Genius
Slapstick Genius
Jungle Love (1990) is one of the most successful and iconic adults only mockbusters in the history of North Indian cinema, or at least Bollywood. It was released by Ram Lakhan Productions.

A chimpanzee saves a baby and teaches him as if he is her own pupil. He becomes the Bollywood version of Burūba (Buruuba or Brooba). A gang of treasure hunters come to that murky place with two young ladies accompanying them. One of them, Rita is captured by a cannibalistic tribe. Burūba saves and befriends her. Rita gives him a name, Raja, who then falls in love with her. Rita is a lot like Reiko Watanabe in which she becomes a jungle princess.
Bollywood Burūba wears a gorgeous loincloth.
A dvd release is also available on Amazon. A 4K release is also available on its current distributor’s YouTube Channel https://youtu.be/W3cE5wh3aZw?si=mmRG_GTIR3DhpRDF

Re: Jungle Love (1990): a Bollywood remake of Burūba (1955)

Thanks for the information on these rare (at least to me) films. I'm sure other fans appreciate it also.