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GoodTimes’ The Jungle Boy (1996)

GoodTimes’ The Jungle Boy is a Canadian-American animated film released in 1996. Unlike Ashok Armitraj’s The Jungle Boy (1998) and its unofficial Burmese counterpart of the same name, it is set in southern Sumatra in what was then the Dutch East Indies, complete with a bunch of animals (including giraffes and gorillas) who aren’t native to the island. The titular hero is the loincloth wearer Takina, who is raised by a family of Sumatran Tigers. A dvd release is available on Amazon. https://youtu.be/Gt6UW-CitWY?si=IjHonWPDuCsU4YBO

Re: GoodTimes’ The Jungle Boy (1996)

This look interesting. Another title to obtain for my collection. I really appreciate you posting about these films.