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Re: Adventures of Mowgli (1967-71)

Slapstick Genius
Adventures of Mowgli, also known as Maugli (Маугли), is a series of five seminal (Rudyard Kipling’s Jungle Book inspired) short films (re-released as a compilation in 1973) by Soyuzmultfilm. As it centres around the loincloth wearing Mowgli (a boy being raised by wolves turning into a muscly young man) growing up in the Indian jungle while fighting off Shere Khan and the dholes. It has both a dvd release and a Blu Ray release on Amazon, as well as an online release on Soyuzmultfilm’s YouTube channel.
Here’s the video! https://youtu.be/aPkNG-wFAuk?feature=shared

Re: Adventures of Mowgli (1967-71)

Thanks for the post, I had forgotten about this series and still look to obtain it on disc at some point.