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Re: The distinguished badness of Nepali Tarzan (2013)

Slapstick Genius
Nepali Tarzan (2013) is a Nepalese movie based unofficially on Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Tarzan of the Apes. The story had begun when a baby was abandoned by his sickly mother, but who survived with the help of a matronly tigress. As he grew older, he himself befriended a macaque and a crow, who are Asian stand ins for two older film characters, Cheeta and the Gooney Bird. It is when he reached adulthood that he’d become the discount kind of loincloth wearing Tarzan that Nepali comedians and kids love to joke about. https://youtu.be/rjujfmkz3rY?si=-h0py82-1WUBvx9V

It’s got a shared dvd release with two other movies!

Re: The distinguished badness of Nepali Tarzan (2013)

I love films like this ... thanks for letting me know about this movie.