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Re: Bangla Raja Tarzan (1995)

Slapstick Genius
Bangla Raja Tarzan is a late 1980s Bangladeshi movie based loosely on the first Tarzan books, with elements of Ryu the Cave Boy, by Edgar Rice Burroughs. It centres around a baby boy lost in the woods, who is found by elephants, who treat him like a respectful loincloth wearing adoptive child! Decades later, he finds out that he’s born in a city where his long lost mother is from, and with the help of his girlfriend, he fights off a hungry apeman and reunites with said birth mother. https://youtu.be/Jl3ylX6lp2g?si=OQCLzHuMoch633Ov
Whoops! Even if it looked so late nineteen eighties, it was actually released on the 10th of March 1995. Not to mention that its proper name is Bonar Raja Tarzan.

Re: Bangla Raja Tarzan (1995)

thanks for the correction