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Tarzan the Mighty Man (1974)

Tarzan the Mighty Man (or Tarzan Korkusuz Adam) is a 1974 film directed by K. Tulgar, the king of Turkish mockbusters. It’s a partial compilation movie of two old Tarzan films with Johnny Weissmuller and Glen Morris, with some original footage featuring Yavuz Selekman as Tarzan the loincloth wearer himself and Gulgun Erdem as Ayşe, a Jane Parker Knockoff. Mr Selekman himself was also well known for playing the knockoff of El Santo in the famed Mockbuster crossover, Captain America and Santo vs Spider-Man.

Re: Tarzan the Mighty Man (1974)

looking at the short video clip of this film on youtube it doesn't look too bad

here's the link to the clip for those interested:

Tarzan the Mighty Man