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Re: Jangli Mera Naam (1994)

Slapstick Genius
Jangli Mera Naam is a Pakistani Lollywood Mockbuster of Sōji Yamakawa’s Kenya Boy picture story and its animated movie (1984). The story revolves around Faisal Annu, an expy of Kenya Boy, who becomes a loincloth wearing jungle hero after being chased by thugs following his heart surgery by his doctor father. His girlfriend is a college lady, while his female rivals are a princess, her meaner older sister and a sultry maid. It did have a Video CD release in its native country. https://youtu.be/4uXI_XsbaTQ?si=nsq_OqhNjKmpxVmI
It also had a dvd release in its native country too.

Re: Jangli Mera Naam (1994)

another one I had not heard of before ... thanks for the info on it