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Jetlag Productions’ The Jungle Book (1995)

Jetlag Productions’ low budget take on Rudyard Kipling’s Mowgli stories, seems to be filled with uncanny valley characters inspired by their competitors from the Wolf Boy Ken show, which came out 3 decades before. The wolf designs are alright, while Mowgli has both a modest scarlet loincloth and a mullet of hair! Bagheera and Baloo themselves indirectly inspired their 3d counterparts in the more popular DQ show, which followed fifteen years later. It’s got a dvd release on Amazon. https://youtu.be/-ngAU9xbQdw?si=94b8a1eY3JATfzXp

Re: Jetlag Productions’ The Jungle Book (1995)

I have been aware of this release and have not yet picked it up, mostly due to having forgotten about it. Thanks for the reminder.