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Dingo Pictures’ Lord of the Jungle (1999)

Lord of the Jungle is an unofficial adaptation of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Tarzan of the Apes and The Beasts of Tarzan, this time by the German king of 2d animated mockbusters, Dingo Pictures. It’s more of a late coming cash in on the Dell Tarzan Comics, with a young stand in (for both Johnny Sheffield’s Boy and Korak) being the likely adopted baby of Lord Greystoke and Linda Bloomsdale (who actually was a redhead/brunette named Jane in the original German dub). As with both Disney and Canadian tv versions, the deadpan loincloth wearing Lord G himself in that movie was raised by gorillas. It has a dvd release on Amazon.


Re: Dingo Pictures’ Lord of the Jungle (1999)

thanks for the information on another one I had not heard of