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Son of the Jungle (2013)

Son of the Jungle (တောတွင်းသားလေးဇံဇံ) is a Burmese MockBuster based on the infamous Taito video game Jungle King. The film’s plot line is a MockBuster to that of Kadina Raja (1985), where a boy becomes an orphaned loincloth wearing jungle hero. It most likely has a rarely seen vcd release. https://youtu.be/5Ax8_-nohUU?si=wUeOet3jGsRvZs89

The Hero and his girlfriend are stupendous discount knockoffs of the arcade game’s hero and his friendly love interest. Go and watch that movie, it’s hilariously bad!

Re: Son of the Jungle (2013)

Ok, this does look bad - but I would still get it for the collection should I come across it for a good price