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George of the Jungle (2007-17)

George of the Jungle is a Canadian ‘spinoff babies turned weird fantasy’ reboot of the eponymous original Jay Ward series. It stars a sillier variant of George who eventually grows from a skinny teenager to a muscly loincloth wearing man trying to marry a feral ginger witch named Ursula! Their other friends include a purple gorilla simply nicknamed Ape, Magnolia the hard working brunette scientist, Shep the elephant, and Tookie the magenta bird. Of the two seasons, only season 1 has a dvd release on Amazon and it’s not as pricey as the original’s.
Frankly, season 2 doesn’t have a dvd release because of how messed up its making was. https://youtu.be/rFVMgH9TvAI?feature=shared