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shalom - salaam - namaskaar

been eons since my last post here

forgive me...

been very busy running around the world - jumping through lorentzian worm holes and the whole experience has made me a bit ill to bit quite honest.

I am recovering from surgery right now - pretty minor had to have appendix out (never missed it - till it blew up and threatened to kill me!) seems it was raging during my stint on eureka - causing stomach distention - which i just put down to a reaction to 2010 - bad tummy - maybe food poisoning and didn't think anything of it - I had enough on my plate....

loved being "that 40's guy!"

loved the whole set up to be honest - if I'd been given a little more room for manoeuvre - It wouldn't have killed me - but the show and the character were not set up that way -

let's put it this way - they run a pretty "tight" ship up there - and that is the format and the strength of the show. I hope they get their fifth season - they really deserve it.

particularly enjoyed filming ep. 9 you'll see why.....

as for another team that deserved at least a second outing - I was thrilled to be a part of Flash Forward -

was welcomed with open arms by creative team and the other actors - what a blast to be involved with that and a real departure for me and from me!

why didn't it get renewed? Have no idea - I for one would have watched it -

loved working with Jo Fiennes (super sweet) - and Sonya Walgar (super gorgeous) and Jack Davenport - (super cool) and John Cho (brilliant) - and big shout out to Barry Shabaka! (gabriel's and my buddy!)

All of them really went out of their way to make me feel welcome and appreciated on their blockbuster show -
many many many thanks to Jessika and David Goyer who cast me in their show - forever greatful xxx

As for gabriel - well he didn't like pickles did he....

I have had to cancel many arrangements stateside in particular attending a dear friend's wedding - that is (no pun intended) gutting! But it's going to take time to recover and the pain to put it mildly is not mild.

Had surgery done here in Delhi - and the team and the hospital have been fantastic beyond my wildest expectations.... Anyone who needs surgery - I sincerely do advise you to think twice and consider India as one of your options... if you can. I get a lot of " oh is it safe there? do they really know what they are doing - Is it clean?" Honestly that's all so myopic, bigoted and in the last analysis thoroughly racist and annoys me beyond all measure. I am not saying every city street here is pristine - but hey check out central london or east hastings in vancouver or countless other "1st world" western destinations. The hospitals and the people here are unremittingly hygienic and the expertise and care I have received are second to none.....

on that note had to explain to my kids that the British didn't have a great track record when it came to basic personal hygiene (viz Black Death and bubonic plague!) telling them the famous tho' possibly apocryphal stories of King James the 1st having one bath a year.......(on his birthday?) ewwwwwwwwwwww!

so... now you know -

Mens sana in corpore sano

also kind of realize twitter - not for me -

silence or action is wisdom - comment is more often than not ego bound - futile and derivative -obviously my own comments included - which annoys me as am not nearly as enlightened as I aspire to be... okay so nirvana has eluded me this time round and I'm evidently coming back...)

as I read on set on Eureka - (actually on Jason's [techno viz wizard @ vid village] T shirt-

Silence is Golden

Duct tape is Silver.

keep well and spare a thought for the thousands around the world caught up in natural or man made disasters whilst we pump oil into the sea and money into warfare and spend more billions of dollars casting satellites
into space - essentially to annihilate one another-

so much time and energy and money expended to protect us...... from each other....

love and peace

james xxx

p.s would prefer it if this isn't taken and posted on your blogs - or web pages - if you are so invested in other people reading my - twitticisms then just direct them here... otherwise this may be the last post...

can you hear the trumpet?

with best wishes always

james x

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