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My wife and I were thinking about taking a trip to Lake County in late March.

What kind of weather can we expect at this type of year at elevations up to 5000'?

We are planning to do a lot of hiking, visit Fort Rock, Crack in the Ground, and many other sights.

If not March, what is the best time of year for moderate weather?

Thank you,

Re: Weather

You can expect the weather to be cold and chilly. There's always a chance that the weather will be nice, but spring/early summer doesn't usually arrive until May/June, which is my favorite time to travel around the county. A couple of years ago we were camping at Dog Lake - Temperatures for the first day of summer reached freezing and there had been snow just before we arrived, it was COLD setting up camp. It has been known to snow/freeze on the 4th of July at times. So, be prepared for the cooler temperatures and alot of wind no matter what time of year.

I enjoy going during late May or June because things are green and the wildflowers are in bloom. After July 4, the weather usually heats up in a hurry and the landscape turns brown quickly - usually by the end of the month. In the later summer season, the high altitude lakes such as Campbell and Deadhorse (Gearhart Wilderness) are nice places to visit and escape the heat, but if the season is dry, fires are prohibited.

I hope this information helps!

Re: Re: Weather

Hello Erica, could you tell me approximately how much accumulated snowfall is built up during the winter in the southern region of the county near Plush?