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Re: Re: Hello there ! Anyone have info on living in Plush, OR?

Hello Erica, thank you for responding to my request.
Yes, I have already contacted the agencies you suggested but, what I was really looking for in a response was, things like 'where's the best cup of coffee sold?' or 'SQUARE DANCES EVERY FRIDAY & SATURDAY NIGHT, 52 WEEK-ENDS A YEAR'

I obviously noticed that this board doesn't see much action but, I thought at least the owner might notice my request
I imagine you are the owner/caretaker of this board.
What type of ties to the community do you have or maybe I should ask, which portion of Lake County you are more familiar with?
I don't imagine the land I purchased will look anything like the photo in the above left hand corner of this page but, probably more like tumble-weeds.
That's OK though because I find beauty in all forms of life, not just the soft and delicate or supple.
Well anyways, if you can give this native Michigander an insight into what life in lake county would be like, it would be most appreciated.

Re: Re: Re: Hello there ! Anyone have info on living in Plush, OR?

I'm sorry I misinterpreted your question.

I grew up in Lake County, but currently reside in Pendleton, which is in the NE corner of the state. I know a few people that live in Lakeview, but don't have many "ties" to the community. I created my website and this message board because I enjoy going back to visit the area so much. There wasn't much available on the internet at the time that showed how beautiful and fun Lake County could be.

I am most familiar with Lakeview, the area around it, and the southern half of the county. However, most of my time was spent fishing, not square-dancing. ;) I imagine you'd be able to contact the Chamber of Commerce and they could put you in contact with the Square Dancers association or other groups you may be interested in.

There are some great little restaurants in Lakeview, but I don't have one I'd recommend over another. Mom's Corner Cafe on the south end of town (If it's still called that) used to have great breakfasts!

Plush is pretty small. There's a grocery store/gas station but not much else. If my memory serves me correctly, there's a little restaurant/deli in the store. It was always a good place to stop for something cold to drink and a snack on our way out fishing. It's about 30ish miles from Lakeview at the base of Hart Mountain. Plush itself is mostly surrounded by sagebrush and rolling high desert hills, but not far away are the Warner Wetlands. The view of Hart Mountain to the east can be absolutely stunning! The Warner Wetlands are a beautiful place to go and great if you enjoy bird-watching and wildlife.

I have a variety of pictures on, if you haven't looked through the site yet. There are a few there of the Warner Wetlands, but I don't have one of Plush yet, although it looks very similar to the high desert county you'll see in some of the other pictures. The photo on this board was taken at Campbell or Deadhorse lake/res. which are up near the Gearhart wilderness area. The land up in the Warner Mountains (between Plush and Lakeview) will look very similar to that. It's all very pretty country.

As for the weather: It gets very cold during the winter, but the amount of snow can vary from year to year. The summers can be warm, averaging in the 80's/90's, depending on where you're at. The summers are also very dry. Because the country is so high in elevation, it's been known to snow/freeze on the 4th of July, although it seems to warm up quickly enough after that. It's either cold and dry or hot and dry. :)

The closest big "cities" are Bend, about 3 hours to the north of Lakeview, and Klamath Falls, about 2 hours to the west of Lakeivew. Portland is 7-8 hours to the North and there isn't much to the east except high-desert and alot of beautiful country.


Re: Re: Re: Re: Hello there !

Thank you, the image you painted is enough for me to wish to go see for myself ;-)
The property that I am speaking about is supposed to be located 4 miles North/East of the town of Plush.
Is that edging closer toward this Wetland you spoke about?
One auction site had a photo of sagebrush, showing the property while another offering a similar tract in the same area showed lush vegetation, Antelope & wild horses, etc... so I bought from the guy showing the sagebrush ;-)
I figured at least he was being honest and upfront.

Thanks for writing back !

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Hello there !

I recently talked to a realtor in Lakeview that said a lot of property is not surveyed and it may cost a bit to get that done. Its very rural, only about 7000 in the whole county-who knows if there will be power or road might come see for yourself. Its not hard to find a place to stay-motels and bed and breakfasts. The newspaper is on line, but not the ads unless you subscribe

Re: Lakeview newspaper Online

Would you happen to have the web address ?

Re: Re: Re: Hello there ! Anyone have info on living in Plush, OR?

Watch your six with the Irish in Warner Valley.