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Moving to Lakeview Soon

Hi, my husband and I are thinking of moving to Lakeview pretty soon. We are both retired and would like to know,

What are the good and the bad about Lakeview and If you had a better place to go, where would it be.


Re: Moving to Lakeview Soon

Hi Carol, I like the Lakeview area, the quiet and the desert but winters can be long. We live here because of work and so forth. If I could choose another place to live it would be Coos Bay Or.

Re: Re: Moving to Lakeview Soon

Hi Judy,
Thanks for the reply. Me too. I like Lakeview. Having some problems getting there though but we will.

We are trying to figure out what would be best for us. To buy land and then put a Manufactured Home on it or just by a house that is already done. The only problem with that is we need to be outside of the city because we are bring 8 dogs with us. Our children we call them. I am having problems finding Manufactured home sales offices to sell me one.

Re: Re: Re: Moving to Lakeview Soon

contact Arrow Realty at 541-947-4921. I think they do land/home packages. where are u moving here from?

Re: Re: Re: Re: Moving to Lakeview Soon

Hi Judy,
I am working with them right now. What wonderful people too.

We live in the Desert of Apple Valley Ca. Its getting to hot for these old bones. 110 sometimes. No green anywhere. I can't wait to get to Oregon.

I want to see a Doe walk by my house. That will be so refreshing. I hear you can dig 12ft down and water comes up and you have a pond right in your own yard.

We are retired so we can just take the last of our years to really enjoy the land.

I hope others never take that for granted. Life is so short.

Wish me luck