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Lake County Trip & GPS coordinates

I did finally take a short trip to Lake County, just myself and one of my dogs.

We stayed at Summer Lake Hot springs and visted and hiked around Fort Rock, Crack-In-The-Ground, and Derrick Cave.

I stopped for a bit at Picture Rock Pass but never found any rocks with pictures on them.

One of the funniest things was stopping into the Watering Hole in Fort Rock and being asked "what's a Volvo doing in these parts?"

I had a couple dissapointments.

The biggest was missing out on Fort Rock Cave, I tried for days to reach somebody and was told that all trips were booked when I finally did, I saw a note at the park that there were openings on a few trips, it felt like a lack of trying on the part of whoever I talked to, which wasn't the person that handles it.

The second dissapointment was missing out on the museum in Fort Rock, I like the post Labor Day lack of a crowd and I count on the high dessert late summer in early October for great hiking.

I plan to return with my wife next summer and try to hit a few more things and take her to the places I have already visited.

I have a few very useful GPS coordinates for hiking, including the beggining and end of C-I-T-G and Derrick Cave, if there any geeks interested just email me for them.