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Baltic Legal - Your corporate law office in Latvia

Baltic Legal focuses on Corporate Law, Tax Law, Company Formation and Registration, and Accounting Services in all three Baltic states - Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. If you intend to start business in the Baltic States, our team of professionals will provide you with full support and advice in choosing the type of a company, establishing and registration of the company, dealing with tax issues, and promoting your business in Latvia, Lithuania or Estonia.

As countries have different cultural, legal and business administration systems without local knowledge and experience opening a company and its registration in a foreign country can be a challenge. Our assistance will guarantee accurate and timely execution of all the necessary measures in order to facilitate your operations in the Baltic States. Also, on many occasions we are able to offer our clients comprehensive advice on non-business related issues.

What we can do for you:
we will help you solve complex issues and provide you with swift high-quality legal, accounting and business management services;
we will provide an efficient service thus taking a large share of the workload off your shoulders;
we will ensure high-quality professional company registration services and an individual approach to your needs, as well as loyalty, privacy and fast servicing;
our clients will need only one partner to incorporate and maintain a company in the Baltic region that will significantly facilitate communication, teamwork and optimize total costs;
Baltic Legal is aiming for long-term cooperation with its clients therefore we keep our legal fees at a very reasonable level. Our price for limited company registration in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia starts from EUR 200.
Our services:
drawing up of documents necessary to open a company;
company registration in the Commercial Register;
drawing up of documents necessary to make changes in corporate documents;
purchase or sale of companies;
opening of bank accounts;
Value Added Tax (VAT) registration with the State Revenue Service (SRS);
enterprise representation on business meetings;
tax advice;
accounting services;
legal services;
full service of an enterprise.
residence permit for investment in real estate