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Danish Naval Flags

Hello all! I have some questions about Danish flags at sea.

1. Are all naval flags and pennants have the same darker color?
2. What is the exact dimension of the masthead pennant?
3. What are the exact dimensions of the rank flags and pennants?

As we can see, the information on the FOTW.net is good, but not precise...



Re: Danish Naval Flags

Alex Kolosov -

The following page of this website provides some information: http://www.navalhistory.dk/English/The Flag/Colors of the danes.htm

The end of the foregoing page cites "sources."

Re: Danish Naval Flags

for ease of reference http://www.navalhistory.dk/English/TheFlag/Colors_of_the_danes.htm is the correct link, with underscores rather than spaces.

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