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A Swedish underwater archaeology team has claimed to have found the Wreck of the Swedish flagship MARS, which was equipped with 173 cannon, and which the Dan es sank on MAY 31, 1563.

If true, that would be a stunning archaeological discovery - possibly more important than the discovery of the British battleship MARY ROSE. There will certainly be more artifacts at the wreck site of the MARS.

The same Swedish archeological team has also just announced that they have now discovered the wreck of the Swedish ship-of-the-line SVARDET, which the Danes sank in the same battle as the famous KRONAN. I believe that the SVARDET may have the second largest (94 cannon) Swedish ship-of-the-line sunk by the Danes June 1, 1676.

If true, discovery of the SVARDET would also be an incredible archeological find.

However, there was an underwater photo posted on the Internet, showing the alleged SVARDET. The ship depicted in this underwater photo just doesn't look like a 17th Century warship - there are not even any visible gun ports in the hull.

- Eric Nielsen


Gunports like these?



Thank you very much for posting this photo.

The two photos which were posted on the website I use were extremely weird. One looked like a Russian gunboat from World War I - the other looked like a gondola from a ski lift.

If they have in fact found the SVARDET, then they are likely to retrieve something like 92 bronze pieces of artillery - with an interesting collection of different pieces, like on the KRONAN.

If this is the SVARDET, then the hull looks imntact enough to raise - unlike the blasted hull of the KRONAN.

The article posted on the website I use says the SVARDET lies in only 50-100 feet of water - your photo shows a scuba diver can dive upon the SVARDET, which indicates this wreck won't be that difficult to excavate.

I believe there are supposed to be two 48 pounder cannon on the MARS, which will be something to see - as well as the rest of the 170 other pieces of artillery.

I am glad these wrecks were discovered in my lifetime - I have been hoping that would happen all of my life.

- Eric Nielsen.


Deep Sea Productions have a couple of videos of the wreck on their site.
One of them shows that much of the wreck is little more than a pile of timber and guns.


Thanks for these videos - I have looked at them, and it was a great opportunity. I doubt if I will be alive when these ships' artifacts are all retrieved from the sea floor.

Have you ever see the restored VASA?

The timbers from the SVARDET and MARS may look like a pile of junk, but I believe that archeologists will have no trouble reassembling these timbers to reconstruct these two ships - the SVARDET's hull looks like it would be the easiest to reassemble.

Look what was done with reassembling the VASA - she looks as new and as perfect as when first built.

The artillery on the MARS is larger than I expected. I thought most of the "cannon" on the MARS would be small cast-iron antipersonnel weapons. 173 cannon are hard to imagine, on a ship from 1564.

Judging from the artillery on the seabed, this wreck does look like it might be the SVARDET.

A Danish-Norwegian ship-of-the-line named NORSKE LOVE (90) was wrecked off of Bornholm in 1679 - I've always wondered if this wreck site would be worth investigating, or whether the NORSKE LOVE just went onto the rocks on the coast and everything was salvaged at the time.

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