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Loitenant Nicolai Severin Nissen - 1717

I hope that you may be able to help me. I am trying to learn more about an ancestor of mine who was in the Danish navy.

The officer's name was Nicolai Severin Nissen or Soren Nissen

I am trying to learn more about this Danish officer. So far my information is very limited. It appears he was a lieutenant in 1717, but perhaps did not remain long in the navy. In 1758 there is a also a "Søren Nissen, Qvarteermand ved Kongens Reeber-Bane" (Quarterman at the Royal Ropewalk) who may be the same or a different person.
I suspect that he lived in St Nicolai parish as those records have been destroyed and he is not found elsewhere in the city. If you have any information or can suggest who else to contact I would be very grateful.


Tybring Hemphill

Re: Loitenant Nicolai Severin Nissen - 1717

There is very little about Nicolai Severin Nissen in Topsøe-Jensen's book of Danish Naval Officers. He was son of Justitsraad (legal advisor?) and War Commissioner Nissen in Rendsborg (possibly the one now in Germany, near Kiel)
1709 Kadet = midshipman
1716 with warship Sophie Hedevig, (which appears to be this 16 man 9 x 3pd cannon ship)http://www.orlogsmuseet.dk/S/pages/Sophia%20Hedevigs(1711).htm
2 April 1717 promoted to Junior Lieutenant (sekond lt. - but translated better as junior in English)
date of death .... (unknown)
Does this help at all?

Re: Loitenant Nicolai Severin Nissen - 1717

Thank you so much for your reply. I had not been back to this site for quite some time and so it was a great pleasure to have your helpful information. If one were to wish to learn more about the other person mentioned, Qvarteermand Søren Nissen of the Kongens Reeperbahn, do you know if there would be any sources that would provide any information about a person with that rank in the navy at that time

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