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Danish fishing boatúship Lydia II

Hi all,

I am looking for information about danish ship Lydia II with captain Hugo Thinninson or Thimison(?) who was in the British ports in 1941 and on 16.11.1941 saved from the sea two Czechoslovak airmen from the crashed bomber RAF¨.

I will be glad for any details about this ship, her captain and any details about this event if available.



Re: Danish fishing boatúship Lydia II

Your inquiry appears to pertain to a merchant ship, rather than a naval ship. You may have more success with contacting the Danish Handels- og Sofart Museet at Kronborg, in Helsingor. This marintime museum is probably listed as a link on this website - many other naval and maritime museums are listed as links

However, I believe that museum staff does not perform research on behalf of private parties - but they may have a list of private Danish researchers who could perform this task for you, at a nominal fee. I doubt if much research time would be involved.

You could probably e-mail your inquiry directly to the maritime museum.

- Eric Nielsen

Re: Danish fishing boatúship Lydia II

Go to this website's "home" page, and select "links" at the top of the page. Then select the "maritime museums" category. The Danish maritime museum is listed 6th from the top of the list.

When on the maritime museum's website, select "About the museum", where yon will select "contact" on the right hand side of the page, where you will find the museum's e-mail link.

Re: Danish fishing boatúship Lydia II

Eric thank you very much for your advice.


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