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Navy ship attacked and captured in 1713

I am interested in finding out any information about a Danish-Norwegian navy ship that was supposedly attacked outside of Portugal around 1713.

Where could one possibly find information about such an incident? I am searching for names of those who were on board (officers etc) and who were captured or who disappeared in the attack.

Any relevant information of interest. (English or Danish is ok)

Re: Navy ship attacked and captured in 1713

If you have a name (or even a partial name) for the ship, its history can be looked up on the Sorte Registrant http://www.orlogsmuseet.dk/registrant.html .
Once there, the ship's entry will (probably) have references to the captains of the time as pages in Topsøe-Jensens book of naval officers.

Who captured this ship? If the British (??), a keyword search of London Gazette may help.

Good hunting!
Scottish Viking

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