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I just recently discovered this site, and my congrats
to all who put the great content together.
I'm a big DB's fan, and was lucky enough to see three
live shows in the 80's. The last was in either '87 or
'88 at what is now "Earthlink Live" in Atlanta.
(I'll be damned if I can remember what it was called
then.) That last show, with Eric Peterson in the band,
was the best - they literally peeled the paint off the
walls of the club. In nearly 40 years of seeing live
rock shows (My first was in 1966 when I forced my Mom
to take me to see the "Shadows of Knight" in suburban
Chicago. I was 11), that DB's show has to rank in the
top 10.
Thinking back, I'll always wonder why "Never Say When"
wasn't the big indie/college rock hit that it deserved
to be, along the lines of, say, the Smithereens "Blood
and Roses", which came out around the same time.
I'm not surprised, however, to read that
the band had a big following in Chicago. Even though
I left in the late '70's, it always has been a great
city for supporting intelligent, well-crafted music.

I do have one question - whatever happened to Eric
Peterson? I've never heard of anything past his stint
in the DB's.

Also, one more question, just for fun, for visitors
to the site. What was the wierdest pairing of bands
that you ever saw in concert? I'll open the discussion
with my entry - Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show
opening for Emerson, Lake and Palmer. Very strange...

Re: ruminations.....

I was just reading this thread when I came across Dave's post about Shawnee Mission HS.
I remember an excellent Beatles book from '75 or '76 called Growing Up With The Beatles by a Ron Schaumburg(?)and I believe this was his alumni.
My questions:Were you a classmate of his and are you aware of the book? It was popular when it came out.

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