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"From a Window" lyric question...

"From a Window To a Screen" is to me one of the most musically perfect, concise, glowing pieces of music ever created. So it's kind of embarassing that after all of these years I still can't tell what's "on the stereo" in the second verse. I think it starts with "I." When I was a kid i thought it was Icehouse, I mean, back in 1982 I was thinking, "they're both new wave groups, they probably know each other..." In retrospect, that seems unlikely. Isis seems equally unlikely. I thought maybe it was Ives (Charles) as he might have been an interesting figure to the serious young Stamey. But then today I was listening to it on my walk home on my iPod in the 96 degree heat, and it was as brilliant and evocative as the it ever was. Anyway, today I decided they were saying "Isleys."

What do you guys think?

Best wishes,


Re: "From a Window" lyric question...

I always thought it was 'wine sits on the stereo' alluding to the wine in plastic cups.
I love this site!Adrian

Re: "From a Window" lyric question...

(late answering, but better late than never, I figure...)

I wonder if it isn't "voices on the stereo", with the initial "v" sound kind of hidden under the rhythm section.

Re: "From a Window" lyric question...

The liner notes in IRS reissue of Repercussion, which I don't have in front of me (I'm at work), definitely mention Charles Ives, and say that Chris (I think) plays a quote from his (Ives's) "At The River." So I think the lyric goes "Ives is on the stereo/Where do I begin?"

But maybe the song's composer would like to answer your question instead . . .

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