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Where Are Live Shows Posted? And other questions...

Hey- Todd from Knoxville here.

I'm coming down to play in New Orleans in Sept (17th at Carrolton Station)- and was wondering if Peter is still there and playing? I would love to catch a show if he's there that weekend. The show I saw at Circle Bar years ago was one of the coolest solo sets (FOUR HOURS!) I've seen.

Also- is it true there is a follow up to Mavericks in the works? Say it is so.

I refuse to spail check.


Re: answers for Todd and a plug

I will be playing with Todd Steed and the Suns of Phere with Big Blue Marble. I guess the Hurricane will let us come.

Lately I have been working like a madman on a new record where I have decided to go ahead and let everything out there. We'll see.

Let's see, I produced a cut for the new Tim Lee, what else.

Just enjoying life and being as unblocked as possible.


Re: Re: answers for Todd and a plug

Hmm, there seems to be a Hurricane coming. This show may have to be rebooked.

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