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Neat Site Detailing the 1980s NC Music Scene

I ran across the site below recently while surfing the net. Matt Barrett has written a fairly comprehensive article dealing with what he calls "the golden age of North Carolina music." Barrett includes Arrogance, the dB's, Let's Active, the Woods, the Pressure Boys, and others too numerous to mention here. He also provides early pictures (one of a very young Will) and copies of old posters for the Cat's Cradle. Check out the link below.

Re: Neat Site Detailing the 1980s NC Music Scene

You might want to check out the following as well, it's about Mitch Easter's early band Sacred Irony:

Re: Re: Neat Site Detailing the 1980s NC Music Scene

Chris, guys,

Thanks for the heads up there. Those pages were painstakingly edited by a member of Sacred Irony, one Rick Reich. Rick is one fine and upstanding southern gentleman whom of which just so happened to be the keyboard player in Mitch's post -maybe during(?)- high school band Scared Irony. It was a pleasure getting to *know* Rick and whilst cobbling those pages together being able to find out about yet another facet of the whole rock thing you lot had going on down there in NC back in the swingin' 60s. You guys had one heck of a scene going on. Some excellent pics contained w/in those pages consisting of the band in various degrees of performance and relaxation and of Mitch and Faye as a couple, etc ...and the hearse.

I brazenly took it upon myself to put up a little dB's sub-site over there at Mitch World a bit before Jake did this keen job here. It's basically just what I had on hand, articles, scans of 45's sleeves and such.

One particular article being a fairly comprehensive one on the history of the North Carolina scene written by the inimitable scribe laureate, one Mssr Fred Mills. Article's entitled "A Mental(s) History Of The New Wave In North Carolina" and was done for totally rockin' Dixie Voice magazine back in 1987, here ya go --

-- Peter, sorry for that first page pic, guy. Although that fro was indeed quite happening.

So, thanks for the link, Chris. Much appreciated. You guys have meant SO much to me over the past couple decades, thanks!


Re: Re: Re: Neat Site Detailing the 1980s NC Music Scene/also this

"A Backward Glance...

...The History Of Winston-Salem Rock 1978-1988"

Fifteen pages, this article, consider yourself forwarned.


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