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dB's Reunion

God knows this has probably been asked here before, but as somebody who's just stumbled onto this site, I scrolled quickly up and down and didn't see this question asked so I'll go ahead and ask it: any chance of any kind of reunion gig? I've heard that Peter and Chris are recording a new album, and I just bought "Travels in the South" which I've been playing quite a bit. Also just replaced my copy of "Mavericks" that was borrowed and never returned, and this led me to blast my copy of "Sound of Music" and suddenly I was in a very dB's frame of mind and I wanted to see the dB's again more than anything. Any chance of this ever coming to pass? One of the great concerts of my youth was a dB's show at Irving Plaza with Alex Chilton opening. Truly kickass sublime.

Re: dB's Reunion

I posted about this a while ago but no reply. Maybe they don't have any plans at the moment. But i'd defo go to the show even if i was on my own :D (but i wudnt be)

Re: dB's Reunion

It's happened before (Charlotte, NC May 1988), so maybe it can happen again. There have been rumors off and on of a reunion happening someday at Maxwells' in Hoboken, NJ.

Re: Re: dB's Reunion

Well it better as heck happen while I'm next in the States(Late April-mid May 2005,hint,hint).
by way of Louisville,Ky.

Re: Re: Re: dB's Reunion

If it happens within 3-4 hour drive of Harrisburg PA, I will come and bring at least 5 friends, maybe more.

Re: Re: Re: Re: dB's Reunion

Whatever makes em happy I say. I'm pretty excited about another Stamey/Holsapple recording. Mavericks remains a classic.

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