Vintage Style Cards from Touch of Class

We have removed our e-cards from this site. 
Our Gallery for cards is attracting hundreds of visitors per day while the e-card area was being visited only a few times per month.  It has become clear to us over the past few months that our public love what we do but do not love using e-cards.  Therefore from now please visit us at our


where we have hundreds of cards all free for you to use.

Our cards are just a bit different!

Not just old greeting cards and postcards scanned and recycled

but completely recreated using images from yesteryear combined

with stylish accessories and text.

To give an authentic look to the cards we have tried where possible

to use layouts sympathetic to the period but all with a

more modern “edge”.

You will find not only the flowery tributes of a Victorian era

but elements of the later Art Nouveau and Art Deco eras

as styles changed remarkably.

Maybe a Touch of Nostalgia too, for those of you with

memories of the 40s and 50s.

All made for you to send free to friends and family.

Want more?
Visit Vintage Style Cards
and use the links to each of our sites for
desktops, scrapbooking elements, both digital and printable
and to keep uptodate with
Touch of Class

Many thanks to those who supported our efforts here.
See you over at Vintage Style Cards.

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