February 2016 Photo of the Month

Click in the O box located at the top of each photo to select your choice for the February Photo of the Month. The photographer with the most votes will receive $100. Thank you for participating...

February 2016 Photo of the Month
Answers Votes Percent
Ernest Sound Sunset By RYAN KELLY ©2016 10 24%
Tongass Narrows\' Sunset By WALLY KUBLEY ©2016 7 17%
Hole in the Wall: Sea Lions By CINDY BALZER ©2016 9 21%
MV Lituya By STEVEN SPEIGHTS ©2016 7 17%
Winter\'s Day By A. BLAKE BROWN ©2016 5 12%
Harbinger of Spring? BY KEN ARRIOLA ©2016 3 7%
M/V Kennicot By STEVEN SPEIGHTS ©2016 1 2%
Total Votes: 42


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