ELP Merchandise Survey

Please choose one item in each category, then click on "Submit Vote." Thanks for taking our survey!

Which tee shirt would you choose:
ELP logo
Replica tee shirts from the 70s

Which poster/bumper sticker would you choose?
Live performance posters from the 70's
Poster featuring all the LP covers
Bumper sticker

Which jacket would you choose?
Denim jacket

Which misc. item would you choose?
Refrigerator magnet
Mouse pad

Which shirt would you choose?
Denim shirt
Polo shirt

Which jewelry would you choose?
Greg Lake heart guitar pin
Key chain
Belt buckle

Which head covering would you choose?
Embroidered baseball hat

Which long-sleeved shirt would you choose?
Baseball/hockey jersey
Long sleeved tee shirt
Sweat shirt

Which ELP themed item would you choose?
Replica tourbooks from the 70's
ELP calendar with rare photos
Limited edition "Brain Salad Surgery" framed gold record

Which music item would you choose?
Sheet music
Guitar tabs

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