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Non-dB's-related Shameless Self-Promotion

Hey everyone, please excuse the non-music post. I have co-co-co-authored a book, "The Modern Con Man: How To Get Something For Nothing," which is out today through Bloomsbury USA. It's filled with funny bets and pranks to pull on friends, enemies, lovers, coworkers, and total strangers, along with plenty of snarky commentary, flimflam history, and some blank pages just to thicken it up a bit. The perfect gift for that one guy you know who kinda likes stuff like this!

Take a peek on Amazon:

And now back to your regularly scheduled discussions!


Re: Non-dB's-related Shameless Self-Promotion

I saw that book reviewed on yesterday! Best of luck, and I am anxious to pick up a copy.


Re: Non-dB's-related Shameless Self-Promotion

Thanks Peter!!

Re: Re: Non-dB's-related Shameless Self-Promotion

I didn't know we could do this; my latest book that I'm in is called "Taking Things Seriously: 75 Objects With Unexpected Significance," out a couple of months ago via Princeton Architectural Press.

It's a coffee table art book with essays by various writers, artists, etc., who write essays about curious thing that mean a lot to them. My piece is about a bagel I have kept that Christopher Walken burned 15 years ago.

Here's something that talks about it, etc., which also includes BoingBoing, which Peter refers to in his post here. Anyway, it's a pretty fun book.


Re: Non-dB's-related Shameless Self-Promotion

Sounds excellent! Congrats!!

(As for being allowed: Us folks without bands need to pat ourselves on the back every now and then, I think!)

Re: Re: Non-dB's-related Shameless Self-Promotion

Well, I think it's just kind of interesting for all of us--connected by our love of this band, if not by other things that we don't know we're connected by--to share some of that info if it seems relevant. For example, the place I work at raised about a half million $$ for Katrina Victims, etc. The place I was last at, gave millions of $$ for the same thing. And there are connections to that particular outreach here that make sense. If there were ways we could "network" to help each other in things that we do that are beyond listening to dB music, that would be pretty cool, I think.


Re: Non-dB's-related Shameless Self-Promotion

I also think it's interesting to see what a bunch of creative and intelligent people we have in this community (as befits the fans of such a creative and intelligent band).

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