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Re: New Neverland Music Video

Awesome-and on Paul McC's 66th to boot!
100 X Thank-you!!

Re: Re: New Neverland Music Video

Jake, Phil, THANK YOU! (And isn't that a still from the shoot that's been gracing the top of this messageboard?) Wardrobe changes! Random bicycle! And a Guy-Maddin-esque old-timey silent-film look! Love it.

Re: Re: Re: New Neverland Music Video

Why, yes! The still at the top of this page was also taken by Phil at the same time. If you look very carefully at the "Like This" album cover you will see that it is a assemblage of single frames from the same 8mm film.

Re: New Neverland Music Video

very cool! thanks for sharing. it was great to get an email from the dBs today mixed in with all the messages asking me to call my congressman and donate to various entities. send news more often! : )

heard amplifier on wxpn in philly riding home from work yesterday, too. a good week.

Re: New Neverland Music Video

You're still skinny Will.

Re: Re: New Neverland Music Video

Was wondering when someone was going to point that out!

Re: Re: Re: New Neverland Music Video

Profoundly cool!!!!

Thanks to Phil and Jake!

Cheers, Tim

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