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Venues for The Crooked Beats?

Hi,I hope I'm not breaking any rules by posting this,so here I go.
My band,The Crooked Beats,will playing a mini 3-week tour of the midwest/east coast starting in Louisville,KY on Aug.8.However there are gaps in the itinerary(sic?)due to a couple cancellations(one in Winston-Salem of all places;still don't know about Charlotte).
If any of you out there have any connections with promoters,club-owners,etc. who'd be into booking us in mid Aug.,please write me asap.Time's a tickin' as they say.Please visit our site at
Thank-you for help and leads you have for us.

Re: Venues for The Crooked Beats?You bet your sweet a**!

Dear friends,
I just wanted to let you know our first mini-tour will soon be realised beginning Aug.8.
If interested you can view our tour-date calendar(as well as hearing 6 of the 12 songs on our just-released album,Life In The Consumer Society,on Cecek Records(CZ).
Truly a labor of love,this RnR madness I have.
Y'all come now,o.k? It'd be great to meet again.

Re: Venues for The Crooked Beats?

Would that tour calendar be found at ?

Re: Venues for The Crooked Beats?

Yep,that'd be the one.Hope you like it!

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