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The Individuals

I've been listening to alot of music from 1979-81 lately. I broke out of that. Today I and am listening to the Individuals, an album released in 1982.

What delight! Very much dB's Stands For Decibels and Repercussion, Mitch Easter family. Gene Holder produced it and played on parts of it while it was engineered by Mitch Easter around the same time he was doing Chronic Town. It's got this early sort of talking heads funk to it.

I was teedering on not getting this, but am damn happy I did! Some good song writing matched with creative production and arrangements.


Re: The Individuals

as it happens, the individuals had their own reunion show last week at maxwell's.

Re: The Individuals

The Individuals one and only album has just been re-issued on CD, along with mucho bonus tracks taken from the Aquamarine EP and single releases.

Re: Re: The Individuals

originally recorded by Gene Holder - the new CD release was mastered by Gene Holder (20 years later) in his new mastering studio - Tangerine Mastering in Weehawken NJ
(see news section)

Re: The Individuals

This re-release is good news to my ears-I've been wanting to check out this group for many a year and a day despite Trouser Press guide's luke-warm critique to both discs (not that I really let the critics sway me from my usually-right intuition).
Looks like it's going on my list.
Thanks-it's been awhile since I'd posted!

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