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Mavericks reissue

Thanks Chris & Peter for the additional tracks. Very cool. This album was/is in my top five of anything everything ever recorded by humans on this planet! Peter, keep up the NYT blogs! Peace and love always, John

Re: Mavericks reissue

So, someone please remind me why John McCain claims HE's the original "Maverick"?? Riiight. I know better...

Re: Re: Mavericks reissue

I thought James Garner was the original Maverick (betraying my age here--though not as old as McCain)

Re: Re: Mavericks reissue

Because he's "A million miles from here no matter where you are." Mavericks are like that I guess.

Re: Re: Re: Mavericks reissue

speaking of Mavericks, there is an excellent quality boot up on the dime from Stamey/Holsapple from July 18, 1991

Re: Re: Re: Re: Mavericks reissue

Excuse my ignorance. What's the dime?

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