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Spelling of the band's name

Okay, this may seem a trivial thing. The dB'S or The dB's ? Like This has a capital "S" but parts of this site use a lower case "s." I wouldn't ask if it weren't important to me! Thanks! John

Re: Spelling of the band's name

At the time the band's name was picked, "deciBel" had a capital "B," because of the proper name "Alexander Graham Bell," although I think it was actually Bell Telephone that came up with the unit of measurement, and not AGB himself. The "deci" part is just from the Latin for a "tenth."

(The correct spelling of that word is now "decibel," it has lost the cap. over time, as word do.)

It came from a comment about me by Alan Betrock in New York Rocker magazine, for what that's worth.

The abbreviation is still "dB" as far as I know.

So I'd say: cap the initial "T," leave the d lowercase for clarity (really this now seems incorrect and arbitrary, as it is the proper name of a rock band, but what can you do?), cap the "B" because of the proper name derivation, leave all the other letters, including the "s," lowercase.

Personally, I'd vote for losing the apostrophe in this modern age, it's very outdated at this point, but last time this came up, the band vote was to keep it. The apostrophe was a reference to "Booker T. and the MG's," way back when, as I remember.

Re: Re: Spelling of the band's name

Well, THANKS for the clarification, Chris. Only a completist/absolutist would bother to ask, and receiving an in depth answer from you personally just made my day. Peace, John

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