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SET TIME? The dB's Sat. Nov. 1, Chapel Hill, NC

The dB's play last. Billy Bragg next to last, Superchunk before him.

Re: SET TIME? The dB's Sat. Nov. 1, Chapel Hill, NC

Yeah, we're supposed to start around 12:45pm. And our guest bassist for the day is Mitch Easter. Come on down if you can make it.

Re: Re: SET TIME? The dB's Sat. Nov. 1, Chapel Hill, NC

Looking forward to it.
Can't get enough good music.

Re: Re: SET TIME? The dB's Sat. Nov. 1, Chapel Hill, NC

Man! That's not fair! Mitch Easter too? guys are lucky there in Chapel Hill...come to Athens...

Re: Re: Re: SET TIME? The dB's Sat. Nov. 1, Chapel Hill, NC

It was a great set. Lasted around 40 to 45 minutes.
Everybody else was acoustic for the day's show.
Peter said he didn't get the memo. They Ba-rocked.
Peter thanked Mitch for coming over early this morning to learn the songs. He is a wizard after all.
Big Brown Eyes
I Want You in My Life (new song--mpt sure of title)
Shapes of Things
Send Me Something Real (new song from Chris--not sure of the title)
That Time is Here (another new one--not sure of the title)
Clever (new song--not sure of title--Peter had to run back to his guitar case to get the words for him and Chris)
Ask For Jill

It was great of Billy Bragg to drop in for a little bit of music and some political ranting--he is playing a gig in Durham tonight.
Regina Hexaphone was very good. Greg Humphreys was entertaining as always--so very soulful. Mac McCaughan solo as Portastic and with Jim Wilbur doing an acoustic Superchunk set. Also Megafaun, Ivan Howard of the Rosebuds (with a host of others singing backup), the Bowerbirds and They Were Totally Destroying It. Have I left anybody out? Music was a little later than scheduled getting started (around 9:25) but still early on a chilly post Halloween Saturday morning. Things warmed up well after a couple of hours and they went well past the 1 PM scheculed finishing time (ending at just a bit before 3 PM.

Re: Re: Re: Re: SET TIME? The dB's Sat. Nov. 1, Chapel Hill, NC

Wow, what a show. Greg Humphreys showed off his Motown voice--surely not a simple feat so early in the morning. Megafaun had the crowd clapping and dancing to their folksy, stripped-down sound--a very pleasant surprise. Billy Bragg was such an inspiration, offering an international take on the possibility of Obama become president. He proclaimed his faith in the real America--those folks who oppose the regressive stance of the current administration in Washington. He jokingly pondered why the emo's were wearing their "sunnies" even though they were watching from the shade. Ivan Howard of the Rosebuds had the not-so-enviable task of following Bragg, but he definitely held his on. Mac and Jim from Superchunk sounded great acoustically--quite a change from their typical amped-up sound. The dB's nailed it from the opening notes of "Big Brown Eyes" through "Amplifier" and "Ask for Jill" and numerous new songs scattered throughout. If the new songs are any indication of what may appear on the next dB's album, they should conquer the world--er, at least Billboard. Two words about Mitch Easter: perfect hair! (And an incredible bassist to boot). The masses demand more. How soon is now?

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: SET TIME? The dB's Sat. Nov. 1, Chapel Hill, NC

Thanks Steve.

I put my own review up at, with a couple pics as well. Glad you enjoyed the day, me too.

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