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Question About Chris Stamey SOL Single

Hey, everyone...

Quick little question...I stumbled across a copy of Chris Stamey's solo single "Stop" on the S.O.L. label. It's on white vinyl, and on the A-side, where the artist name is, it has Chris's signature in green ink. I can't tell if it is actually signed, or if it is just printed in a different color...does anyone know?

There's no website documenting S.O.L., which is a shame, as they put out some good stuff!

Thanks --


Re: Question About Chris Stamey SOL Single

Weelll, my copy is a lot like yours - but the 'signature' is in black ink!

Re: Re: Question About Chris Stamey SOL Single

weird...i wonder if it is a real sig or not...

Re: Question About Chris Stamey SOL Single

The labels were signed by Chris before manufacture of the single. As you see there is no artist credit on the label there except the autograph.

I just sent Chris a huge box of this record, so maybe he will make them available.

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