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Re: Re: Re: Re: New NY Times Blog installment is up

The dBs had no bigger fan and supporter in St. Louis than our beloved Helen. She was a precious angel in every way. And back in those sleeping on floors days of indie rock band touring in the '80's, Helen & Farb's old house in Webster Groves was an oasis. My old band Turning Curious came down often from Champaign to play St. Louis, and Helen & Farb's remarkable hospitality was a godsend.

After we played with the dBs in July 0f '84 at the old Heartbreak Hotel, Peter tagged along on with us on our day off while the rest of his cohorts split to Columbia, the site of our next show together on that little midwest spurt of a tour. Peter got himself a big taste of the Helen & Farb royal treatment that we in Turning Curious had grown so accustomed to. And there was a viciously hard fought game of Trivial Pursuit between Peter, Helen, Farb, and I that I eventually won---something I still list as one of one my biggest accomplishments in life, given the impressive brain power I was up against! :)

I've been back living in St. Louis for 20 years now and I think of Helen every morning on my way to work at Euclid Records as I drive by the old Webster Streetside we worked at together 30 years ago---now a bbq joint that I'm sure she would dig. And I know she would have been ecstatic that her beloved dBs were still making music together today.

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Thanks, Peter.
Almost every day I hear some music that reminds me of Helen.
She ended up moving to Austin because her husband Bob got a good job there. We stayed in touch, she was not too happy living in Texas until she discovered Tai Chi, studied with a Master and became an instructor herself. Pretty surprising, but I guess that's the most peaceful of the martial arts. Then she stopped responding to calls and letters.
None of her friends here knew Helen had breast cancer until after she was gone. She didn't want us to worry about her and made Bob take an oath of silence. Typical, but truly sad. Several months later Bob came to St. Louis and we had a little ceremony at her favorite place, the Japanese Garden at the Missouri Botanical Garden. We said a few words and scattered her ashes there.
Helen was a huge music lover. She got to know many bands and solo artists who passed through St. Louis, thanks to being a manager and VP at Streetside Records for years, but the dB's were her favorites. That says a lot to me.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: New NY Times Blog installment is up

Thank you, Steve.
You and many others knew Helen for a lot longer than I did. I guess we all are reminded of her just about every day.
I hope Farb is doing OK, we need to give him a call.
See ya soon.

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