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Food/Drink/Request for Wood House Show

Chris/Peter, I am looking forward to attending the Wood House Show as well as the in-store at Euclid records in St. Louis the weekend of Jan 31st.

I will be bringing some food and/or drinks to the Wood House show and was wondering if either of you had any requests for anything specific that you would like?

Speaking of requests, a few of the songs that I would be interested in hearing would be "Cara Lee", "Love is for Lovers" and "She Was the One". I also remember you guys playing the Lovin' Spoonful's "Do you believe in Magic" as the closing number at a show quite a while back at Mississippi Nights in St. Louis. That was quite memorable.

Do you know what song/songs you will be recording for the 7 inch at the Euclid Records show?

Looking very much forward to your shows in St. Louis.

Thanks for coming!

Re: Food/Drink/Request for Wood House Show

I reckon we'll bring some triple-chocolate brownies or, in a healthier vein, a pan of Zucchini Bake. It's delicious! No, there will not be any "bonus ingredients" in the brownies...sorry.

The usual pattern for the Euclid instores is to play a half-dozen songs or so, then decide later which ones to put on the single.

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