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Setlist & pix from Euclid Records show

I don't know what to say. It was terrific.

Here's some photos from the Euclid Records show in St. Louis; hoping this public link will work:
(Excuse the hokey running commentary with the photos... it's for people not familiar with their music.)

The customized commercialized version of "Geometry" for Euclid Records that was a total hoot (I'm sure the Superb Owl would agree).

Here's the setlist (titles of the new songs are estimates):

Sound check: Let it be me
1. Lord of the Manor
2. Early in the Morning
3. Close Your Eyes
4. Child in You
5. Nothing is Wrong
6. Something Came Over Me
7. Black& White (in G, "countrified")
8. Let me be Your Broken Record
9. Family cover ("my friend the sun?")
10. Early in the Morning (retake)
11. Geometry (Euclid Records promo version)

Re: Setlist & pix from Euclid Records show

By the way, here's the lyrics for the custom version of "Geometry" done for Euclid Records last week, just below the pic of Chet Baker:

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