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House Concert setlist

We sure had a great time seeing Peter and Chris over the weekend. We made it to the house concert and the instore, pooped out before the Off Broadway gig on Sunday. Chris had a cold but sang his way through it and the loose atmosphere at the Wood house resulted in a lot of fun and excellent music. Come back ASAP!!Too bad there were no copies of the Mavericks reissue on hand, they would have been easy to sell...we'll have to get one from the website.
Here's the set list, please help me correct anything that's not right. Songs without notes are from Mavericks. Several that were previously released have been re-arranged for hERE aND nOW. 29 songs...

The Lord of the Manor (Everlys)
Early in the Morning (new)
I Am the Cosmos (Chris Bell)
Close Your Eyes
Black and White (Stands For Decibels)
Nothing is Wrong (Repercussion)
Tape Op Blues (CS song, very funny-not new-released?)
She Was the One
Hang Around with You (new?)
The Child in You
My Friend the Sun (Family)

I Know You Will
Big Brown Eyes (Repercussion)
Something Came Over Me (wrong title?)
Song for Johnny Cash (new)
If and When (new?)
Today Could Be the Day (Sound of Music)
I Want to Break Your Heart
Here and Now (Holsapple, Out of My Way)
Cara Lee (Stamey, It's Alright)
(Send Me) Something Real (new dB's tune)
Here Without You
Neverland (Repercussion) straight into...
Amplifier! (Repercussion)
Let It Be Me (Everlys)

Two Places at Once (Stamey, Fireworks)

Re: House Concert setlist

Oh yeah, "Something Came Over Me" is on Fireworks. I just missed it, even though I've had the CD for 15 years. Chris started the song but his guitar cable began crackling like crazy, resulting in two aborted attempts before a successful version that got a big ovation from the crowd.

Re: House Concert setlist

Thanks for the set-list.Btw,If And When was a b-side on a 1978 Car Records 45 by Chris Stamey and the dB'S.
My record collection is back in the States so I can't remember exactly what the A-side is.Anybody?
Btw,how was Off Broadway? I love those guys along with many other of the Illinois pure-pop contingent.
Any elaborations would be welcomed-thanks!!
Adrian in CZ

Re: Re: House Concert setlist

Yeah, there's a copy of the 45 on eBay right now. The A-side was (I Thought) You Wanted to Know.

Thanks, Adrian!

Re: Re: House Concert setlist

It's the B-Side to a Richard Lloyd song called (I Thought) You Wanted to Know. I vaguely recall Chris saying something about it having been recorded at the studio when they were working on a Richard Lloyd solo record?

Re: House Concert setlist

Hey,I was just getting caught up-to-date on some of the older postings and now realize which Off Broadway was being referred to.
But come to think about it,that would've been one cool billing!Adrian

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