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The dB's Online Message Board is somewhat unmediated. Be nice. Your messages are welcome, but there are no promises that they will reach or be replied to by members of the band. Your suggestions for features are also welcome and will be considered for future inclusion. We request that you not post personal information, including email addresses, about anyone besides yourself without that person's permission. Don't forget to be funny.

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Peter, it was sad to read your eulogy for the Eurovan on the "Does this band make me look fat?" blog.

One tiny problem...could you do anything about the color scheme for the blog? That black-print-on-dark-green-background look is virtually impossible to read.


Sorry, you're dealing with a color blind person here. I tend to think everyone can see it the way I do, but I've had trouble in the past with that...

Hope the new scheme is somewhat better.


Re: done

Thank yew! That's much better.
The Arrogance show must have been really, really cool...really.

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