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Re: The dB's are on iTunes


Please tell me the decision to omit "Love is for Lovers" from "The Best of the IRS Years" was a strategic one made by the band -- and not the result of some record company dumb bell flaunting his ignorance.

It would feel better, somehow, to know that one of the greatest tunes of the 80s (or any decade, for that matter) was being withheld because the artist had something bigger up his sleeve.

Re: Re: The dB's are on iTunes

oops. now I remember - "Love is for Lovers" was on Bearsville.


Re: The dB's are on iTunes

Peter: I had (mostly-) quietly despaired over not finding much dB's material anywhere, let alone on iTunes. Lo and behold, while idly cruising the iTunes Store two nights ago and deciding, "Let me torture myself again and see if The Sound of Music (my fantastic intro to you guys when it was released) might somehow have made it there at last"; it did, and, better still, it sounds lovely (good timing, too, now that iTunes Plus encoding is now standard across-the-board). Mind you, I'm keeping my hard-won vinyl copy, but now I can take those sounds everywhere. And I'll catch up with the rest o' the dB's canon as I can. And, of course, I eagerly await the new album.


P.S. I recall giddily singing along to "Working For Somebody Else" during the last Great Crash ('87). Was it sheer coincidence that the song and then-current events coalesced like that?

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