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Rondo Music

Peter - is that you holding that Gold Top LP copy on the Rondo Music website?

Kind of a rhetorical question, as I can say confidently that it is....

What do you think of their guitars? My guess is that after setup it is a pretty decent 6 string...

Any review to provide?

Re: Rondo Music

Sorry to take so long to reply.

Yeah, I love my Agile gold top. It was set up great when I got it, never needed any adjustment. It's heavy as hell, but a Gibson would be too at 6x the price at least.

From what I've been able to determine from playing other Agiles, the more top-end models (read: costly, which is not much with that company) are usually the better players. I tried one of the more inexpensive guitars they make, and I wasn't real happy with it. They took it back, no questions asked, and the gold top has stayed with me since. I might, one day, replace the pickups with real p-90s but the ones in there are just fine. It's a great guitar for an incredible price, and I highly recommend the line to anyone who doesn't have to have GIBSON emblazoned on the head of their guitars...

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