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Re: I give up - chords/tabs???

I have work to do, and being a procrastinator supreme I look through past threads and find this to occupy my time...

A quick overview (from memory, I'm at work w/out a guitar around)

Love Is For Lovers:

make F barre chord at first fret, strum and slide same fingering up to G at third fret... figure out the rhythm on your own...

(by the way, you've just learned the basics to start several great Kinks, Who, Beatles, Stones, Monkees, Creation, MC5, Pretenders and Ramones songs...)

1) F - G, when it changes, the "one was a number" part, that's C - G

2) "do you believe this/love is forever..."
C - F - D minor - B flat

3) "do you believe this/do you believe this"
A minor - D (w/ G flat bass note)


4) "Love Is For Lovers"
E minor - F - G

(the little riff in the chorus is an a pull off thing on the G (3rd) string, on frets - 0-2-0-5-0-9-0-7-0-4)

the turnaround after the chorus is 3 above

then the solo modulates up to G, but it is the same as the verses just played starting in G - A

then back to 2

and a variation on the chorus (4)

A brilliant song, a still should be hit.

I wish Rascal Flats or someone would cover it and Peter could buy his own island.

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