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IOTA Club Song Request

Hi Peter/Chris,

From the email you said you might take requests? You know listening to all 5 Db's albums and the H/S album it is hard to come up with just one request. :P

Maybe when you guys are on the eve of releasing your new Db's album you should do what the band Sparks recently did and play each album in its entirety. They got fans to sponsor them financially for each show. I wouldn't mind sponsoring a show.

Anyway if I had to pick a song request for the IOTA show maybe play "Nothing is Wrong" if you could, you don't have to.

Re: IOTA Club Song Request

Peter & Chris - being one that doesn't shout out requests at a show, am doing it now, quietly....... "Taken" or "Lovers Rock" or "Better Place" would be sweet. Looking forward to seeing you there, requests or no. Take care. Ben

Re: IOTA Club Song Request

Thanks for playing my request. I like the new songs! Thanks for the great show Peter and Chris.

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