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Lyrics? Two Places at Once

are there lyrics for Fireworks, or anything really, online anywhere?

Re: Lyrics? Two Places at Once

Off the top of my head:


you're on the line
that separates fact from fiction
to comprehend
your silence is perfect diction
and all your other lovers in the past
predict you're fading fast

you're less than a memory
little more than a hunch
you move in the atmosphere
impossible to touch
before you go, listen to me:
didn't anybody tell you
you can't be in two places at once?

how does it feel,
now you know your way around?
you look so real,
then vanish without a sound
and every bit of broken reverie
still seems so precious to me


all of the lights are down
in town
you're waiting for the night
and then
all your worries
will be over;
here they are again . . .

Re: Lyrics? Two Places at Once

That has totally made my day!
That 'all your other lovers from the past' line blows me away.

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